We departed from Johannesburg to Zimbabwe where we had our first Safari camp experience.  The second camp was also in Zimbabwe which is where the elephant came across the small ravine to drink from the plunge pool while we were sitting by the pool.  Next, we headed to Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders, and stayed at the Livingstone Hotel. Botswana was next where we stayed at two different camps.  At the first camp they have an elephant rehabilitation center with about 8 elephants.  One of the afternoons we were able to feed the elephants and go on a walk with them.  Also, at this camp we could experience the Mokoro (traditional narrow dugout canoes) and the guide uses a pole to move the canoe around through the water ways.  The second Botswana camp we saw the most leopards, as well as, a lion pride with 6 cubs and their father feasting on their morning kill.  On the last night we had an amazing helicopter ride over the Okavanga Delta.  There were so many unbelievable experiences.  Our trip was a luxury trip on private concessions, small planes between each camp, and private safaris with sundowners at wildlife waterholes and other special view points.  Regardless, if you go luxury or economy, Africa is a special experience that you will remember the rest of your life.  I believe each person should visit Africa at least once in their lifetime.  You will experience a true thrill of seeing wildlife up close in their natural habitat, and spend your evenings in the bush hearing the grunts of the hippos and elephants and an occasional roar of a lion that sends chills through your body.  There's nothing else like it!  You really learn and see first hand what wild is and how special the animals are in their natural habitat. 

First for a couple videos

A mamma and baby elephant visit our camp

An elephant came into camp to drink from the plunge pool and we were about 10 feet away.  We sat frozen not moving until he left.


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