Our beautiful ship with approximately 40 guests onboard.  Alaska's wilderness is immense, beautiful and exciting.  I highly recommend to see it via an expedition experience.  UnCruise Adventure's ship, guides, knowledge, experience and cooks, make the entire adventure amazing!  Twice a day we were off the ship in small groups whether it was a skiff ride, paddle boarding, bushwhacking, kayaking or snorkeling.  We always chose bushwhacking because we love hiking, but one day we did kayak and we picked the perfect day for it.  The cove we were kayaking in had a glacier that reached the Bay ... in one afternoon of kayaking the glacier calved twice, a school of porpoises swam near our kayak, and a humpback whale cruised through the cove within about 100 yards of our kayak. Mind blowing!  Also the adventure the ship came across a pod of humpback whales feeding with the bubble net technique.  Also, on one of our hikes a grizzly bear checked out our mud boots that are used when transitioning from the skiff to the shore ... yikes ... a bit too close for comfort, but the ship sent a skiff to get us before the bear crossed back across the cove to where we were.  Alaska is wonderful and and an exhilarating experience.


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