We were amazed at how their architecture and interior decorations were so beautifully simple and profound.  Lots of symbolism.  Lots of color in everything.  Hopefully, the economy of these countries improves significantly for the people.  There is some manufacturing that we saw, but the region is still recovering.
Their icon bridge is symbolic as it joins the Muslim and Catholic communities.  In some of the below photos you will see the bridge crowded, but look close at the center and you can see one to two people standing above everyone else.  These are divers.  They collect money from the crowds, then they free dive from the highest point of the bridge into the river below.
Before we reached Mostar, we visited the ruins of a fortress and one of the historical homes of the whirling dervishes that is built into the side of the cliff next to the mouth of a cave with a beautiful emerald green/turquoise river running through the cave.

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