The below set of galleries are a compilation of pictures from my first to last trip to China spanning across 2001 to 2008.


On my first business trip to China when, the St. Regis was only $150/nt with butler, after researching where one of the more remote areas of The Wall that was still accessible, I went down to the concierge and asked them to find me a driver to take me to the area.  This kid, about 16 years of age, showed up in his economy sedan and off we went.  It was in the dead of winter, the lakes were frozen over and the wind was howling.  The driver wouldn't even get out of the car.  In some casual loafers and my long think wool business coat I headed off  across a damn that was frozen over, hiked up a hillside to where there was a ladder to climb up on to The Wall.  An amazing feeling to be all alone, no one in sight, standing on top of this massive historical wall.  During the hike, the only person I saw was a lone farmer in his peach orchard raking rocks.  In the 2004, I brought John, my now husband, to the same area (2004 pics follow this photo gallery) and you can see the significant transformation with all the refurbishment of the wall and during the summer.

CHINA 2004

A personal trip with my now husband to see the China I was missing during all my business trips to the country.  The first pics are of the same part of The Great Wall that I visited in 2001.


Street scenes from the early trips ... fyi, the haziness in the pictures are from smog.  We would have days that were so smoggy that the building next door was just a shadow.



forbidden city


A park that is accessed from behind The Forbidden City.


Prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics there was an old hutong (original Chinese neighborhood) that had an entry into a portion of Mao's underground tunnels. His administration could leave the Forbidden City ththrough underground tunnels to the Summer Palace and the military base.

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